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Napier Pull Thru

Napier Power Products makes the ultimate in barrel cleaning tools! The Napier Pull-Thru makes cleaning any barrel a breeze. Simply slip the flexible cleaning tool down the barrel from the muzzle side, and fish out the loop when it emerges from the breech. Install any patch you like, and pull it back through by holding the rigid handle that pivots while you pull. Simple and effective.



Napier Power Pellet Lube Logo

Napier Power Pellet Lube is a quite remarkable, simple to use product that WILL improve accuracy with any pellet and on any type of airgun. Power pellet lube is designed to reduce friction in the barrel and improve performance of the airgun.

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Napier Power Pellet Lube
Napier Power Pellet Lube Spray Bottle

0.42 oz Dropper Bottle
0.85 oz Spray Bottle


Napier VP90 Gun Oil

Napier Gun oil is the last word in protection for any firearm or airgun. Containing VP90 corrosion inhibitors for contact and vapor phase action this oil has the ability to penetrate into even the most inaccessible parts of the gun to provide complete protection from corrosion. Napier gun oil will not break down under extremes of temperature and will keep ejectors and action protected. The high surface adhesion properties help to keep the oil where it is needed and make removal of finger marks a simple matter of wiping over the gun.

8.6 Fl Oz Aerosal Can


NAPIER VP90 Field Patch

Napier VP90 Field Patch

The Field patch is a quick and convenient way of protecting your gun whilst shooting or at home. Each sachet contains a full sized Superclean patch and is impregnated with 2ml of VP90 gun oil, this is sufficient to completely clean and rust proof your gun both inside and out. Blended with the VP90, a powerful Vapor Phase corrosion inhibitor that completely protects the gun from rust and will resist finger marks on the bluing.

The vapor created will actually form a self healing film that allows the gun to be handled without leaving marks or affecting the rust preventative quality.

Safe on any gun, the Napier Gun Oil will not affect stock finishes.

It is ideal for cleaning and rust proofing almost any metal object, carry some in your glove box, tool box, or with fishing tackle. Versatile and effective, each carton contains 10 Field Patches.

NAPIER VP90 Gun Grease

Napier VP90 Gun Grease

Supplied in a new easy to dispense plastic tube with large non-slip cap.

This WHITE grease is highly water resistant.

VP90 operates effectively in temperatures of -2ºF to +248ºF.

1.05 floz.


NAPIER Rifle Clean

Napier Rifle Clean Patch Strip

A uniquely textured, highly absorbant and amazingly strong material for the effective cleaning of all guns, with a particular emphasis on rifled bores. Out-performs patches in every way and, being 75% thinner, can be wrapped around a wire brush. It moulds to the contours of the rifling to ensure complete removal of all fouling. It is also totally unaffected by cleaners which it repidly absorbs. Each box contains 15.3 yards of material which can be dispensed to suit all calibers of pistols or rifles.


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