Tank Fill Calculator

Please complete all of the fields and then press the "Calculate Fills" button to determine how many fills you can get with your airgun. Then press the "Compare" button to compare the number of fills with a standard 80 cu. ft. scuba tank with a 3000 psi working pressure to see the advantage of the carbon fiber tank.

As you will see, the carbon fiber tanks give substancially more fills than the standard scuba tanks, which reduces the frequency you will have to have your air supply refilled. This savings alone will more than pay off the price of the carbon fiber tank under normal use within the lifetime of the tank.

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*Note...a negative number means the standard tank cannot fill even once!


What is my gun's volume?

Here's a quick list of the more common guns:

Air Arms S200 122cc
Air Arms S400/10E 314cc
Air Arms S400/10 Classic 242cc
Air Arms S400/10 Carbine 181cc
AirForce Talon & Condor 490cc
Benjamin Discovery 126cc
Benjamin Marauder Rifle 215cc
Benjamin Marauder Pistol 65cc
BSA Hornet 125cc
BSA Sportsman HV 152cc
BSA SuperTEN 400cc
BSA SuperTEN Mk2 200cc
BSA Lone Star 125cc
BSA Ultra 75cc
Daystate Airwolf & Air Ranger 500cc
Daystate CR-X 173cc
Daystate Harrier 167cc
Daystate Huntsman Classic 114cc
Daystate Huntsman Classic XL 168cc
Daystate Huntsman MkII 196cc
Daystate Mk4 144cc
Falcon FN8 50cc
Falcon FN12 80cc
Falcon FN19 140cc
FX Cyclone & Superswift 180cc
FX Gladiator 680cc
FX Revolution 500cc
FX Royale 200 200cc
FX Royale 400 400cc
FX Royale 500 500cc
FX Tarantula & Timberwolf 202cc
FX Typhoon 180cc
FX T12 Whisper 180cc
FX T12 Whisper Mk2 225cc
Hammerli Pneuma 180cc
Hammerli Pneuma Elite 180cc
KalibrGun Cricket Standard .177/.22 280cc
KalibrGun Cricket Standard .25 350cc
Theoben Rapid 12 400cc
Webley Raider & Venom Viper 164cc
Weihrauch HW100 175cc
Weihrauch HW100 Carbine 105cc
Cards Accepted