Air-Chrony Mk3 Ballistic Chronograph SET (BLACK)

Air-Chrony Mk3 Ballistic Chronograph SET (BLACK)
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Model MK3 is the latest and most modern ballistic chronograph from the Air Chrony’s own production line and with its excellent accuracy and durability became the Air Chrony’s flagship.

Air Chrony MK3 is a ballistic chronograph intended for measuring the speed and kinetic energy of a pellet. It has been tested especially with air rifles but it can be utilized also for measuring of other small-caliber weapons (airsoft, paintball, rook rifles, bow, crossbow, etc.)

Air Chrony MK3 provides excellent measurement accuracy, mechanical durability, high resistance to interferences, possibility to measure under bad lighting conditions, selectable menu languages, on-line connection to computer via USB and other modern features, so there is no doubt that MK3 represents a high quality Air Chrony product.

The chronograph measures bullet velocity up to 2000 m/s (6562 fps), energy in FPE or Joules, average velocity, maximal velocity, minimal velocity, number of shots (counter), velocity deviation (consistency), cadence and some other values. You can easily choose between metric or imperial measurement units and the language can be set directly in menu as well.

Ballistic chronograph MK3 is very durable and with a tripod-mounting possibility via standard ¼ UNF thread can be used almost under any circumstances.

Excellent accuracy even under bad lighting conditions, USB connection, on-line results presentation and also intuitive handling predetermine Air Chrony MK3 chronograph to be utilized by a wide shooting society. Together with the appropriate Air Chrony software you get outstanding aide for you accurate shooting.

Key advantages of Air Chrony model MK3

  • High mechanical durability
  • Excellent measurement accuracy
  • Measurements are possible even under bad lighting conditions
  • High resistance to interferences
  • USB connection to computer
  • Possibility to display on-line results on the computer’s screen (useful especially in competitions)
  • Selectable language (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Czech) – can be set in menu
  • Selectable measurement units (m/s, joule, gram or fps, fpe, grain) – can be set in menu
  • Standard ¼ UNF thread for tripod
  • Air Chrony software included
  • Intuitive control and modern design

Package contents:

  • Air Chrony MK3 Ballistic Chronograph
  • Durable case (black)
  • US Power supply
  • USB cable
  • Free download of the Air Chrony software

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06/27/2019 - 12:27:00 PM
Air Chrony wins hands down
The Doppler system has its limits. Having a lot of experience using both for National level championships, the Air Chrony wins hands down for its reliability and consistency especially for the smaller calibers. Each system has its advantages for different purposes. This little bugger checks a lot of boxes.
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