Diana Model 350 Premium N-Tec Magnum .177

Diana Model 350 Premium N-Tec Magnum .177
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Manufacturer: Diana
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With the new N-TEC-Piston you get the ability to take more shots with consistent power and better accuracy. Allowing you to enjoy smoother and lighter cocking effort. It’s smooth to use and powerful operating. The attractive modern and ergonomic designed wooden stock is an absolutely eye-catcher and makes this rifle a real “must-have” hunting and sporting gun. The 350 Premium has a beechwood stock with detailed checkering and a contoured forend, rubber pad, polished and deep black metal surface, sights, and a modified T06 metal trigger.

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Barrel Length
Overall Length
6.7 lbs
Gas Piston
Single Shot
up to 1250fps

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Reviewed by Primo
11/30/2018 - 02:01:37 PM
350 Ntec
I sent in a review to this rifle and I forgot to add that I did not buy the rifle from AofA and being that it came with some problems I’m sure that AofA would have honored the guarantee. The idea of having the defects repaired and the gun tuned was my personal choice.
Diana makes excellent rifles but anything can have certain problems , in this case very easily fixed, and I’m very happy with the rifle.
Reviewed by Primo
11/30/2018 - 01:15:02 PM
Acquired this rifle about 18 months ago, mine has a black wooden stock which is gorgeous and it has in gold letter Diana 350 NTEC BLACK on the compression tube. I have to be completely honest the rifle came with problems from the factory, the main screw that hold the platform to the stock and the forearm screws resulted too short and would come loose after repeated shooting. I am a die hard Diana fan and instead of returning the rifle I sent it to a professional tuner here in Puerto Rico where I live. He did a great tune on the rifle and for around a $100 I have one of the hardest hitting Diana’s you can imagine. My 350 Ntec is .22 and it sends the CP 14.3s accurately at a whopping 930 FPS capable of hitting two inch targets at fifty yards with no KICK , no torsion and a TO6 trigger which is a dream.
The 350 Ntec is definitely not a plinking rifle , to cock mine 50 plus pounds of force are needed. The rifle is just as heavy maybe some onces more than the 350 spring model. It is a very easy rifle to aim and shoot being that it is not hold sensitive.
My conclusion: maybe I got a D350 Ntec that had these problems and the rest are just fine , anyhow as I am addicted to the Diana rifles and have a collection of these fine rifles I was more than willing to run the course. The gun has continued to be one of the finest in my collection, super hard hitting and accurate. As fo pellets it will shoot even the cheap ones very well.
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