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I ordered a Kalibr Cricket .35 on a Thursday afternoon, i was pleased to get it by Saturday next. The thing i most appreciated was a phone call from an employee(sorry i forget the name) he noticed i ordered several pellets for my gun, one tin of which would not fit the rifle i had ordered. Many places would not care. I got a phone call(PROMPT SO SHIPPING WASNT DELAYED) asking if the pellets in question were for this gun, when i said they were, he informed me they wouldnt fit, and offered to get me another tin of pellets,discounting them so i didnt have to fool about with another payment.

This is customer service, i will take this in to account the next time im buying. This employee ensured i was happy,in return i will do all i can to spend my money here. Thank you
Jason E
I was looking for an 'heirloom quality' air rifle and selected the HW35E Walnut. Although it was out of stock and backordered, AOA kept me fully informed of my order status and did not charge my CC until the rifle was in their possession, had been test fired, and ready for shipping. This rifle is beautiful and is extremely accurate. The customer service rep told me he'd 'pick me out a nice looking one' as a thank-you for waiting for a few weeks for the rifle to be shipped from Germany. I have no confirmation that this was done, but WOW -- the walnut on the rifle I received is stunning. I'm guessing the rep did in fact pull a nice one for me. I'd purchase again from AOA without hesitation. The test firing report is a nice bonus. Excellent customer service and an excellent product. AOA and the HW35E Walnut both have my strongest possible recommendations.
Robert S.
I wanted to take a moment to speak about a recent order with AoA. I had lost the small rubber gasket that sits near the breech on an FX Royale airgun. I was able to speak to a customer service rep and get an order for three of these gaskets (just in case) sent out that day. They arrived as quick as the Post Office was able to get them to me and I was able to get my airgun back up and running the next day. The only reason I didn't go with a 10 rating is that there was no instructions included on how to replace the gasket. However, I was able with no trouble to find this information after an online search and also found a way that was easier than what I thought it was going to take (e.g. drop a dowel down the barrel to a point just ahead of the gasket groove). The agency that I work for has a good working relationship with AoA and I am happy to report that this incident added to that.
Don Block
Just received my Brocock Bantam Hi Lite today. This rifle was a pre-owned model with a rating of LNIB. I am very pleased with this purchase. Everything was in the box that was supposed to be there. All packed well with a full tank of air. Everything works perfect on this gun. Very accurate and shooting the JSB 18.13 about 875 fps.
Thanks to the staff at AOA. Joseph in Akron, Ohio
Joseph Klonowski
Just wanted to give you guys an update. I have about 750 rounds through my Field Pro HW95 .177 and it is dialed in. I did end up using loctite on the stock screws. They have not been loose since.
I went camping with my 26 year old daughter and her husband. I was astounded at how accurate they shot the rifle given its weight and the fact they had never shot a rifle with a scope. It is nice to be able to share my love of firearms with my family without a lot of recoil and noise.
The rifle is so accurate that I've actually had to get creative and develop a new target system. I take a white sheet of paper, put a smear of dog food in the center and tape it to my backstop. At 20 yards, I dial the scope up to 9 power and shoot the flies off the dog food! Its the first time my wife has been excited about me hunting....she said she would even buy the pellets!
Thanks again all.....
Tony Plott

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