Overall Rating: 99.74%
Average Rating: 9.97/10
A year ago I purchased a Weirauch HW100S and was extremely satisfied with quality and accuracy, I have never owned a break barrel pellet gun so after much research I looked at the Weirauch HW35E. All reviews where positive so I purchased it last week. AOA shipped out a 177 cal , this rifle design has been in production since 1951 with slight emprovements over the years. It doesnt shoot pellets at blazing speed but the trigger and accuracy are up with the best. I really like the old school look, this is going to be a pellet gun I will have until its past on to one of my kids.
Thanks AOA for good service and especially Rich who bent over backwards to get it out the door the same day!
Columbia, SC
Mark Gillotte
I love HW's because of their quality and accuracy.I like doing business with AoA because they have the biggest selection and best prices. However I bought a new HW77 and I could not get it to group. I sent it back twice cause it was still inaccurate. Rich got involved and took care of it and asked me to let him know how it grouped. It was just as accurate as my others right out of the box. Now i can add their service dept. is another reason I shop there!
Allan Dalton
Just want to thank your guys back in the service department. I have a .25 Wildcat that was having issues with consistency but thanks to Steve this rifle is performing better than it ever has and I couldn't be happier with it. You folks really took care of me after the sale and I won't be forgetting about it anytime soon.
Scott Slaven
Loudon, TN
Scott Slaven
I wanted to take this opportunity thank AOA and all the folks there for the great service. I have purchased 3 FX air rifles from you, including the latest being a 25 cal Crown. I have also purchased several other air gun related accessories over the last couple years and the experience has been great. The professional, courteous and knowledgeable staff has always taken the time to answer my questions. As far as the new FX Crown goes, after about 150 rounds and a good barrel cleaning it’s stacking pellets in one hole at 50 yards and in two shots split a card with an edge on shot. I think I’ll keep it. Thank you again and I wish AOA and all the staff a happy and prosperous New Year.
Bob Weinrich
Downey, Ca.
Bob Weinrich
Hello, I received my Weihrauch HW30 and accessories on 12/29 as UPS had detailed. It's the 5th Weihrauch I've owned and it is superb in every way. I was glad to see that you guys inspected it b4 shipping. Just put an old 4x Bug Buster-AO on it, and it grouped awesome at 10yds with Crosman prem. dome lights. Super quiet for backyard use, and very compact/light so that most any shooter could handle it with ease. Great gun, and great service from you guys, including free shipping the same as another airgun dealer I've done business with. I will use AOA again.

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