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Just wanted to give you guys an update. I have about 750 rounds through my Field Pro HW95 .177 and it is dialed in. I did end up using loctite on the stock screws. They have not been loose since.
I went camping with my 26 year old daughter and her husband. I was astounded at how accurate they shot the rifle given its weight and the fact they had never shot a rifle with a scope. It is nice to be able to share my love of firearms with my family without a lot of recoil and noise.
The rifle is so accurate that I've actually had to get creative and develop a new target system. I take a white sheet of paper, put a smear of dog food in the center and tape it to my backstop. At 20 yards, I dial the scope up to 9 power and shoot the flies off the dog food! Its the first time my wife has been excited about me hunting....she said she would even buy the pellets!
Thanks again all.....
Tony Plott
I recently purchased a Diana Skyhawk 25 caliber upon receiving it I filled it with air it had a severe air leak I contacted Chris there at Airguns Of Arizona and he sent me out a new rifle and I return the old one these guys don’t skip a beat they take care of their customers hats off to you guys thank you so much. GREAT SERVICE
Mr. B
I have had the opportunity to purchase several new and used air rifles from Airguns of Arizona (AOA). My recent purchase was a used Daystate Pulsar Grey Laminate .25 Cal and a used FX 6-18x44 Scope w/ Mounts. On every purchase regardless of whether the rifle was new or used the service was the same: simply outstanding. Prior to purchasing I would always hit their staff with a multitude of questions either by phone or email and I always got excellent responses that greatly assisted me in making good decisions on my purchases. Between AOA's new and used air rifle selection, the staff, and their service you can't go wrong purchasing a rifle from them.

Dave Head
Over a month ago I ordered a Diana M-Tech 340 in .177 caliber. After test firing it at various ranges I have discovered that this rifle is not only accurate, but a real "tack-driver"! I just test fired a 5 shot group using JSB Exact 8.44 grain pellets at 18 yards that measures 1/4 inch, with four pellets literally making a hole the size of an aspirin tablet. After chronographing the gun using RWS Hobby pellets, it delivers an average of 1028 fps. This is plenty of power for any small game, and the accuracy is better than I expected. Thanks to AOA, we airgun shooters here in the US have some fine European products available to us. The JSB pellets are also a welcome surprize. My 35 year old Crosman 760 (with rifled barrel) shoots these pellets quite well. Sometimes (when all the planets line up. and there's no wind) it will shoot five pellets into 1/2 inch at 20 yards. These are the best pellets I have tried in this old gun.
Tom Payne
I have never owned a quality airgun and had little interest in one. I visited a friend and spent about an hour shooting his cheap spring air rifle off his back deck. No expensive ammo, no ear protection, no driving to the range...just shooting. I went to you tube and found a video with an Englishman extolling the virtues of the "why-rock" hw95 field pro 177..."shooting tins at 100 yards". I found good reviews from Airguns of Arizona so I called them. My experience on the phone was first rate, and I mean a 10 out of 10, with great explanations of the gun, scope and pellet choice. I bought the hw95 field pro. The rifle arrived in excellent condition. I shot it a few times and noticed an issue with the scope. I called AOA and told them the problem. They sent me another scope immediately with no complicated hoops to jump through. I had a fantastic experience with AOA.
If you have never owned a quality air rifle you do not know what you are missing. I have bought and sold many firearms because they never get used. I didn't realize it was possible to shoot a quality firearm in the backyard. In a few days I have shot 300 rounds. I can't remember a time I have shot that much. Yep the gun was expensive....but dang if I just can't keep this grin off my face. This gun is FUN to shoot!


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