Benjamin SuperSear

Benjamin SuperSear
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Fits Benjamin/Sheridan pump rifles. SuperSear replaces factory sear, and creates a true 2-stage trigger. A big improvement over the factory design. Installation requires minor modification to the factory trigger housing.
Not a factory part.

**Note: For instructions and support we provide the guides linked on this page. This is the full extent of the support we can supply on these custom parts. Please do not call with installation questions or instruction as we cannot give any verbal support. These custom parts carry no warranty, and use may void factory warranty on the product to which they are installed. Airguns of Arizona assumes no liability on the safety or function of the products listed on this page. All sales on these parts are final.


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Reviewed by Pmac
Pmac bought "Benjamin SuperSear" on our website
11/14/2018 - 09:57:30 AM
Benjamin SuperSear
Easily worth the money. I recently purchased and installed the SuperSear, with shims from "Triggershims" (removes all side play and drag). Trigger pull is now 2-stage and just over 3-lbs total.
Installed the sear, shims, and a Williams peep site, on my Benjamin Sheridan .20-cal. and made a huge difference in my accuracy.
Reviewed by bubblerboy64
bubblerboy64 bought "Benjamin SuperSear" on our website
08/09/2018 - 03:12:36 PM
SuperSear review
First and foremost it's worth buying. It takes the trigger from unacceptable to probably better then you would likely expect. However the instructions are rather unhelpful. I spent a lot of time struggling with why the trigger case was binding on the sear until I placed the original sear on top of the supersear. Do yourself a favor and do that first. You will quickly see that that pointy piece on the left end showing has to go. You will need to cut about half of that off or so I did with my gun. Then enlarge the big hole a little so it FREELY allows the sear to rotate around it's perspective pin. After you do that you may not have to do anything more. The trick is getting the trigger case closed with the new sear in place. Since I did some grinding on other parts first before I did what got the job done I don't know how much would have been needed if I'd have done things in reverse order. Again shorten that pointed end considerably and enlarge the big hole just enough. Hope this helps others.
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