JSB Exact .177 Pellets

JSB Exact .177 Pellet
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Voted by many as the best airgun pellet in most rifles, the JSB Exact .177 is a high quality round nose pellet for sporting and field use.

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Reviewed by Ralland
09/21/2017 - 09:22:30 AM
JSB .177 Diabolo Exact, Highly Accurate
I wish I could have attached a scan of the referenced six shot group fired with the JSB Exacts. Six shots fired from a rest, at 33 ft from a RWS-34 with a Daisy Diopter and peaked blade front sight measured .341" center-to-center. I blew the fifth shot which hit high so I fired a sixth. Five shots, which includes the sixth, measured .154"; because the Exacts are domed the group was difficult to measure. Several days earlier a friend using Exacts in a scoped (12X) RWS 34 fired a similar five-shot group.

My excuse for my high shot, it was fired on my 81st birthday.

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