Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite Soft Touch .177

Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite Soft Touch .177
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Sale Price: $899.99
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You Save: $449.01
Manufacturer: Brocock


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The forward thinking Brocock design teams' skill and engineering expertise has resulted in the new Brocock Bantam rifle. The Bantam Hi-Lite air rifles push the outer limits in the semi-bullpup platform. The clever addition and integration of a 480 cc carbon fiber air bottle increase the Bantams specifications with higher shot count and power levels. Accuracy and shot to shot consistency are beneficiaries from the large air supply. The new stock has impressive lines that welcome the bottle shape into the overall design. The stock is crafted by Italian masters with an attention to detail and comfortable shoot-ability. The Soft Touch stock includes an adjustable cheek piece and butt pad for shooter flexibility. The new Bantam's quality Lothar-Walther barrel delivers down range accuracy for long range target shooting and pest control. Many states are including air rifles in their legal method of take; with the Brocock Bantam representing a perfect choice for this growing market segment. The Bantam sports a baffled barrel system for quieting the report. Shooter inspired features include a foster quick change system with a "fat-finger-friendly" adapter, a side mounted pressure gauge, a ten shot magazine with single shot capability, a three-step power adjuster, an easy-use paddle safety and Brocock's two year warranty program. The new Bantam Hi-Lite sets the standard for the semi bullpup air rifle. Pictured with optional Airstream Reflex (not included).

Ultimate Guide to the Bantam:

Brocock Bantam Ultimate Guide


Overall Length
6.4 lbs
up to 18 ft/lbs
Scope Rail
3 Years

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Apuertasjr
07/23/2018 - 09:53:35 PM
Bantam soft touch .22 cal
I love AOA. I ordered my gun by phone and had a great conversation regarding my purchase. After a lot of searching, I decided the brocock was within my budget for a mid level gun. I have shot the hell out of it and no breach leaks. I have blown out my breach seal O ring because for some reason I guess I didn't lock my bolt down. Easy fix!! Order a couple just in case. The Trident moderator works better then the daystate one. Looks better too. I have the UTG compact 3-12x44 scope which I love. Easy to use, side parallax is great, clear and plenty sharp for good kills. My gun loves JSB exact diablo and hates most of the H&N (sad). My scope is dialed in at 60 yards and shoots within a dimes width. 120 yards I get at a nickles width with a a couple flyers, probably the pellet. I love this gun. Comfortable, quiet and looks sharp. I keep it slung for support for off hand shots. My next upgrade might be an aftermarket regulator. Not sure yet because it is shooting great.
Reviewed by twith70
02/16/2018 - 07:23:13 AM
Bantam Hi-lote soft touch
Received my rifle yesterday. It is spectacular to look at in soft touch. I ordered mine without the moderator and it is LOUD! It is not back yard friendly at all; I put on an LDC and it became manageable for a rural neighborhood. The rifle is very accurate and the balance is great. Mine only has 2 positions for the power selector vice the three every report indicates. The magazine works great and is no problem to load. The barrel is threaded 1/2 x 20 UNF for those wondering. Time will tell how it holds up but so far it is one ragged hole at 25 yds on high power setting. Oh and AoA forgot the sling studs; I called and they said they would ship them out.
Reviewed by npetrovic
02/13/2018 - 05:56:10 PM
Forgot to Mention AOA
Well the Bantam HiLite (in .22) well exceeded my hopes by FAR!!! After pumping about 300 rounds through it the rifle has absolutely no problems!!
There is some hype on youtube about a breach leak....I believe its a bunch of crap. I ordered my rifle and called AOA and they assured me EACH rifle is tested. Well I got my rifle and sure enough they (AOA that is) included a chrony card of test shots!! I can't say the same of other venders that would do this!!!!!!
From now on I'll be getting rifles from AOA....Keep up the great work!!
Reviewed by npetrovic
02/13/2018 - 07:12:24 AM
Just received my Hi-Lite Bantam (.22) yesterday. I already have a Hatsan Bullboss in Walnut (.22), and all I can say is the Bantam BLOWS away the Bullboss. I get roughly 65 shots per fill (200bar down to the yellow; I believe 100 bar), and the Bantams's bolt and trigger are EXREMELY smooth.

I installed a cheap UTG scope (4-16x) and at 10 meters I'm putting shot in shot without using sandbags. The rifle is a heck of a lot lighter than the Bullboss and is very well built. I highly recommend this rifle!!!

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