Brocock Compatto .177

Brocock Compatto .177
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Manufacturer: Brocock


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The new Brocock Compatto semi-bullpup air rifle incorporates engineering and manufacturing expertise from one of the finest Italian shotgun makers and air rifle technologies from Daystate, makers of the finest English made air rifles. The Compatto is not just a new model to come out of the English factory it is the first all new gun to be 100 % designed and produced by the new Diana group with their considerable resources and attention to quality. Striving to attain airgun perfection the Brocock team is proud to offer this new semi-bullpup performer. The Compatto sports a true ballistic nylon, high grade synthetic stock with no-slip surfaces molded in and a picatinny rail for bipod use. This robust but lightweight stock is finished at the butt with an adjustable, soft curved pad. The heartbeat of this new generation rifle is the one piece breech block that anchors the Lothar-Walther barrel for bench rest capable accuracy. The optional Huggett sound moderator reduces report to super low levels increasing the Compatto's flexibility for use in the field or the back garden. A three-step power adjuster gives settings at 27, 25, and 23 ft lbs of energy in 22 caliber. A very efficient, all new firing system rewards the shooter with many consistent shots per fill and one of the smoothest, almost effortless cocking actions. The cocking bolt is placed in a forward position in the stock for fast, easy and accurate follow up shots. The Compatto's trigger is a two stage, fully adjustable unit that breaks clean at approximately 3 lbs at the factory setting. A paddle safety is conveniently placed for quick and quiet, on and off use. An 11m rail is forward mounted for a comfortable scope position. The Compatto represents one of the best values for money and will please even the most critical airgun shooter and collector.

*Shown with optional silencer.


Overall Length
6.9 lbs
up to 18 ft/lbs
Scope Rail
10-shot rotary clip
3 Years

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Smaug
10/31/2017 - 09:16:47 PM
Great gun, all-around
I was sold on this because it is a semi-bullpup, with Walther barrel and repeatable, adjustable power.

Mine's in .177. High power is 18-19 FPE, Medium is 17-18, and Low is 12.5. It likes heavy pellets, across the board. It will shoot medium weight ones OK at low power, but nothing great.

I have full length rifles and have had a bullpup. This is really the best of both worlds. The action's ahead of your face, so you have good cocking leverage, but it's far enough back that the balance is better than that of a conventional rifle. The trigger is very good, as are the magazines. Mine is an earlier model with the Huggett moderator; I hear the new ones aren't quite as good? (though to be fair, I paid $130 more as well)

It is the slickest bolt action I've ever felt, and that is saying a lot, as I've shot Air Arms, Hammerli/Walther, Daystate, FX...

Magazine function is good; there's no accuracy penalty for using magazines. I won 1st place in the Hunter class of my local club with this last week. (using Air Arms Heavies and a simple Hawke Vantage 4-12x50 scope on medium height rings)

I can't recommend the gun highly enough. The only thing I would change is to have it offered with a wood stock. The composite one is very good quality, but it just doesn't have that warm feel against the cheek and in the hand, you know? However, with its stippled finish, you would REALLY have to abuse it for it to show any wear, and no amount of humidity is going to ever warp it either.

This was easily my best airgun purchase. I was thinking of buying another one in .22, when the Bantam was announced... This one is not bad to hand pump.

I get 4 mags worth within 30 fps on a 220 bar fill. 35 shots within 20 fps.
Reviewed by dannyshoots
01/06/2017 - 05:56:02 AM
Compatto in .177
I bought a Compatto while attending EBR last October. At that time, the only decent .177 I owned was an HW-97. I understood the spring gun, but just couldn't be happy with its accuracy compared to the PCPs I own. So I came home with the Compatto. Without getting too verbose, let me just say it is shooting .22 sized, 10 shot groups at 15 yards! The trigger is near perfect. The Huggett moderator makes it absolutely back yard friendly. There simply isn't anything about this little gun I don't like. If you are looking for a high dollar PCP but can't part with that kind of money, the Compatto won't put you in the poor house and it certainly won't let you down!

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