Diana Outlaw PCP Air Rifle .177

Diana Outlaw PCP Air Rifle .177
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The Diana company has a reputation for building some of the highest quality, most solidly made, precision airguns in the last 100 years. The new management team at Diana recognizes the companies fine tradition of quality and value and are dedicated that any new products maintain this fine tradition. The new Outlaw is a PCP air rifle in the Sport Line from Diana. The Outlaw is an impressive sporting precharged pneumatic air rifle that delivers levels of performance and features at a very affordable price. The Outlaw sports an easy side-lever cocking and loading system that cycles the multi-shot magazine and sets the adjustable two-stage trigger. Very good accuracy is provided by a special barrel and breech system and velocity is controlled by a precision air regulator. The Outlaw's regulated action provided very impressive consistency and shots per fill off the air cylinder in our testing. A color coded pressure gauge displays the state of air charge and the rifle includes a dust cover probe style filling . The Diana Outlaw's action is fitted into a walnut-stained German beech stock with a  comfortable soft rubber butt pad. When firing the Outlaw the shooter will delight in the very quiet report that is achieved from the full length shroud and moderated barrel package. Servicing is minimal with only a required drop of lubricant on the side lever every 2000 shots. Cleaning of the air rifle's rifled barrel is so easy it will shock the new owner. One simply unscrews the barrel from the breech for full removal. This allows for cleaning from the breech and inspection as well. The new Diana Outlaw is suited for target or field duty with a trigger block safety and a one-year warranty. The Diana Goddess of old would gladly trade in her bow and arrow for the new Outlaw!

Diana Outlaw .177 Shot String


Barrel Length
Overall Length
6.75 lbs
up to 18 ft-lbs
Scope Rail
1 Year

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by StevenCMorris
01/17/2019 - 10:31:40 PM
It Rocks for Me!
I have recently bought the Diana Outlaw mainly on the reviews of Steve Scialli and Jared Clark (never met either of these guys) which truly caught my attention! Before sharing my Outlaw review, I must say that both did an extremely good job making me aware of what I was getting into when purchasing the Outlaw. However, I cannot leave out the fact that several websites shared with me how much a Diana outlaw would bring pleasure to my up and coming air gun collection.

So, this is maybe my first full year getting into air gunning as a true professional past time. To the end, I own Diana Storm Riders Gen 1 and 2 and now the Outlaw. I have a few other brands but they are not the subject of this review.

When I received my first Outlaw, it shot once and jammed /locked up for ever. This was the first day of ownership so, yes I was a bit dismayed but the folks at the Air guns of Arizona put a smile on my face with prompt customer service. In the same day the created a RMA for me to send back the nonfunctional air gun while simultaneously creating a send order to get me another Outlaw within 3 days.

Folks at AOA really care about us Air Gunners! Now, once I got a functional Outlaw, it was out of the box .58 of an inch accurate. Really, this was without a scope but on a rifle rest. After placing on a Weihrauch 3-9 x 40 scope it was scary! I was putting 3 out of 5 shots in the same hole from 20 yards (used to be 17 yards but not this accurate with my other guns) using JSB 8.44.

When it came to getting good accuracy down range, I needed a heavier pellet so I went with the JSB Heavy Match Diabolo 10.34. While I am not marksmans (yet) I was able to get grouping within a quarter with an out layer here and there (3 – 4 out of 5 in the quarter diameter).
Point of this, the Outlaw is a must have for us who don’t have a lot of money to spend but, want the results of an air gun maybe 2/3 times the cost. The only way to find gems like the Outlaw, do the homework and listen to the reviewers and consider AOA just in case your first gun is a lemon.

I am happy owner of an Outlaw. Oh yes, having a single shot tray would have been a major bonus but the dust cover on the fill port does make up for this.
Reviewed by BenUSMC
06/21/2018 - 02:47:24 PM
Diana Outlaw
I bought this for my Bday and arrived after AOA did a quality check on it. Right out of the gate after cleaning the barrel slap my trusty 3x12 50mm Hawke scope on it and started shooting. Shot as advertise using the diabolo exact but 50 shots into it the cocking lever wont engage the sear and I dove into the manuals for remedy and still its no-bueno :( so a call to AoA and was issued a RMA and a sincere apology (props !!! to AoA for great customer support looking forward again in buying my next PCP from you guys again) I got it back couple of weeks later and eagerly clean the barrel once more and begin shooting.. it stack's the Diabolo JSB on top of each other at 25 yrds and less that 1/4 inch with the H&N Terminators as well with the Gamo Redfire, however it did not like the crossman premiers hollow points (by go-to pellet on my Umarex Gauntlet) This Outlaw is light and compact a dream to carry out in the field even though it lack sling studs. This gun is superb for it's price point and I can't wait for the Skyhawk. Hear that AoA I got dibs on the Skyhawk :)
Reviewed by jandrewz63
jandrewz63 bought "Diana Outlaw PCP Air Rifle .177" on our website
04/21/2018 - 03:31:42 PM
Good value
Only have the outlaw couple days. Put a utg 3-12, 30 mm compact swat on it.
Sited in for 45 yards. Have the 0.177. groups at 45y are 0.5 inch, 5 shot. Do not have a chronograph, but the velocity must be there. The shoots on top of the same group from 25y to the 45y. That is why I like the 0.177 caliber with the 1000 to 1100 fps guns.
What would make it better would be including a second magazine. It does not have a single shot tray. One of those would be a nice to have as well. By the way have not tried other pellets. I have been having good luck with H & N barracuda match pellets in all my pcps.
I also have the storm Rider. I had to make a block to stabilize the barrel and I can get sub 0.75 inch groups same pellet same distance, mantis 3-9, 1 inch scope. The rifle was filled to almost 200 bar from AOA. Got 6, 13 shot magazine rounds out of that before it was getting close to yellow on the tank gauge. Easier to operate than the gauntlet and more rugged and more than twice the shots of the stormrider.
If you were to pick one out of the three I mention here after owning all three I would go with the outlaw. If you are going to shoot alot the outlaw with it's better build, sidelever, regulator would likely be worth the premium.
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