Williams FP-AG-TK Aperture Sight

Williams FP-AG-TK Aperture Sight
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For air guns and .22 rifles with dovetail grooved receiver and high line of sights. No drilling and tapping required. (With Target Knobs)

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Reviewed by Vulcanator
11/09/2019 - 04:14:27 PM
On Target!
Bought this sight because my eyes are no longer able to use a notch and blade iron sight setup, and I like shooting with iron sights. I mounted this on top of my HW95 in .22 cal with no issues. I also bought the 0.050" target aperture to get the best possible sight picture. Initial zero at 25yds had the rifle shooting just over 1" high with the sight at its lowest setting.

Replacing the fixed tunnel front sight with a tunnel sight and changeable insert option from my HW30, and installing the bead post, I was able to print POA/POI with groups under 1" which for my first outing with the rifle is wonderful. I plan to buy another to put on my HW30-I'm a big fan of peep sights.
Reviewed by Whitetail
09/18/2018 - 12:39:26 PM
For front sights higher than the HW90
This sight is a typical high quality Williams aperture sight. However, I do not recommend it for use with the Weihrauch HW90 or air rifles with similar height front sights. At the lowest setting on the HW90, this sight printed about 4" high at 30 yards. Unless you are shooting targets at what I consider unreasonable distances well past 50 yards, go with the Williams made for a low line of sight. It will put you on paper at 30 yards. As for accuracy, there is nothing to complain about with Williams aperture sights. Considering the price differences between a $150+ air rifle compatible scope and a quality aperture sight, going with the Williams sight is a no brainer. Williams aperture sights are minute of gopher accurate for pest control purposes inside of 50 yards.

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