Diana Model 52 .22

Diana Model 52 .22
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Sale Price: $299.99
Compared at: $519.00
You Save: $219.01
Manufacturer: Diana


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The Model 52's tremendous power is generated by the use of a very robust spring piston powerplant cocked by a side lever action. The action is mounted into a beautiful walnut colored beechwood stock with a pronounced cheekpiece, and a fine checkered finish on the pistol grip and front stock. Even the most critical air gunner will admit this is one impressive air arm, both in performance and presence. It fulfills its purpose as a potent, full size sporting airgun suitable for either pest control or field target shooting, yet it does so with both balance and grace. Comes complete with adjustable sights, 2-stage trigger, rubber butt pad, and an 11mm scope rail. To top off an incredible airgun, the Model 52 has a lifetime warranty.


Barrel Length
Overall Length
8.8 lbs
Spring Piston
Single Shot
Up To 850 fps

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Primo
12/03/2018 - 09:49:58 AM
Diana 52 A#1
First of all I want to refer to the first review and the problem the person had with the safety not auto engaging, this is probably due to the aft stock screws being over tighten , this can happen on most RWS / Diana rifles.
As for the Diana 52 I have this rifle bought it from AofA some months ago and I very happy with its complete performance. The rifle has excellent workmanship, materials and right out of the box using crosman premier 14.3s it grouped 1/2 inch at 20 yards with no adjustments to the open sights. Regarding power it’s up there with the 350 springer 840 / 850 FPS with the 14.3 around 24 foot pounds energy. The stock on this D52 is beautiful and the the gun is not pellet fussy , it will shoot even the cheap Gamo 15.43 Wadcutter accurately. I have this rifle in .177 the model 48 which is also a great gun. Just last week I recommended this rifle in .22 to a good friend of mine and he ordered it from AofA with no hesitation. I’m not confortable recommending other spring rifles , but in Diana I have full faith because they are a rifle that is very well built , dependable and easy to work on , and parts are easily available. My D52 is a jewel, it settle down or broke in after a couple of hundred shots , now it’s shooting very smooth and the TO6 trigger is as fine as you can get. These rifles are the ones that some people spend a whole bunch of money to super tune for field target or other competitive pursuits, as for me getting this gun for $299 was a dream come true. AofA the place to buy a fine air rifle.
Reviewed by Medic
09/12/2018 - 04:33:14 PM
RWS Diana 52, what a joy to shoot!
I rec'd my model 52 in less than a week after ordering it. I zeroed it at 30' with 9 shots using RWS Hobby 11.9 grain wad-cutter .22 pellets. The tenth shot was dead-on at 30 yards. I was very pleased that this spring gun was both relatively quiet and had so little recoil. Used to industry exaggerations about pellet speed I was extremely happy at the chronograph readings of 880 fps the next day. I mounted a Carl Gustov 2 x 15 optical Panzerfaust sight as a scope the 3rd day, using Leupold .22 see thru mounts. This optical device is completely shock proof having etched in non-moveable crosshairs. As luck would have it when I rotated the device 1/4 turn counterclockwise the bottom of the turret of the second largest tank silhouette corresponded to the 30 yard point of impact exactly. No regrets here! I'd buy this rifle again. The only complaint I have is that the safety occasionally fails to autoengage upon cocking and cannot be manually engaged and disengaged. Once I cock it and take the safety off, there is no putting it back on. I wont send it back for that problem.

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