RWS 350 Magnum .177

RWS 350 Magnum .177
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Sale Price: $378.00
Compared at: $492.25
You Save: $114.25
Manufacturer: RWS


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The RWS Model 350 Magnum is a long-range air rifle specifically manufactured for the highest ammunition speed. The 350 rifle has a hunting-style stock with a checkered finish on the pistol grip and forearm. Its right-handed cheekpiece makes sighting comfortable whether using a an air gun scope or the 350 Magnum's sights.


Barrel Length
Overall Length
8.5 lbs
Spring Piston
Single Shot
up to 1250 fps

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Primo
11/30/2018 - 12:47:05 PM
I have the this beauty in caliber 22 and .177 both are top of the line springers for hunting. The .177 shoots best with the JSBs 13.4gr , it’s a super powerful magnum springer and to settle the shots to full accuracy it’s best to use these heavy.177 pellets. The 350 in .22 shoots the cheap crosman premiers exceptionally well , we take down iguanas at over 60 yards with it due to the power of the punch it deliver , around 24 foot pounds of energy. Both guns are identical mechanically except of course for the caliber. The 350s in my opinion are about the easiest rifles in its class to maintain, work on and tune. My D350 .22 and the .177 both have the PG2 Vortek kit installed, a DIY job that takes about 20 minutes. The kit may reduce the FPS a little bit, but what you get in return is a solid tump of a shot , absolutely no twang and no perceptible torsion. This is the type of springer that can reach out to 100 yards- but keeping to the normal ranges this rifle will knock down big iguanas all day at 50 yards , shooting tripod recommended.
As for workmanship, materials and finishing the 350s are the Rolls Royce of the affordable springers. The guns look and feel like expensive African safari rifles.
This is the only rifle that I dare to recommend to my neophyte friends who know nothing about spring air rifle and want one to eliminate the pesty iguanas . I dare recommend it : one because of the excellent service and dependability of the rifle and the same goes for the people of AofA.
Caveat , the 350s are not for plinking and punching paper , they are heavy air rifles more so with scope and mounts . The name of their game is hunting with power to spare so that placement of the shot although very important can vary somewhat and the end product is the pest biting the dust.
If you buy one it will be a Legacy to your grandchildren.
Reviewed by deerflyguy
07/01/2017 - 11:19:40 AM
This Special is a Blow Out!
I check out the specials at AoA quite often, and sometimes I see guns that are such a bargain that I simply have to make a purchase. This is such a gun! The RWS 350 has a long time reputation for quality and performance. The caliber isn't my personal preference in .177, but at $199.99, the price is almost $100 less than anywhere else on the net! I bought this same gun about a year ago for $299 right here, and I knew then that the price was a low one. Now, it's a must have, and nobody should pass it up if they have any sort of understanding of value, and quality!
Reviewed by Brianwillhite
02/25/2017 - 08:23:48 PM
Super Rifle
I am really happy with my purchase of the RWS 350 magnum. The wood and metal finish is amazing. Mine is 177 and it is fast and extremely accurate. I used the RWS scope mount which worked really good. The trigger is also light and crisp. To my surprise when I received the rifle it also came with a printout from airguns of Arizona showing the velocity and a pamphlet saying they checked it out before they shipped it. This was free and I really appreciate it. Thank you AOA!

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