Weihrauch HW95 .177

Weihrauch HW95 .177
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Manufacturer: Weihrauch (HW)


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The HW95, made by the well-known gun maker Weihrauch, is one of the best combinations of length, weight, power and accuracy. The build quality and fit and finish is superb. The HW95 is fitted with the famous Rekord, match-grade trigger unit that has no equal, with a smooth, light and crisp release of 2lbs from the factory. This trigger unit is fully adjustable as well. The 95 is fitted with sights that include 4 sight pictures on the elevation/windage adjustable rear unit. The stock sported by the standard HW95 model has cut checkering on the pistol grip with a raised Monte Carlo cheek piece and soft butt pad for comfort. The HW95 is available in .177 caliber making this gun an excellent target rifle out to about 50 yards, with accuracy that can put you in the field target winners circle. The HW95 is a great choice for anyone looking for a high quality, accurate sporting air rifle.


Overall Length
Scope Rail
Single Shot
Up to 950 fps

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Reviewed by Primo
11/30/2018 - 12:08:20 PM
Bought this very same model HW95 from AofA about 4 or 5 years ago. Mine is .177 and at first it was somewhat twangy , something I got in shape with a Vortek PG2 kit. I could have waited and shot it for a longer time to get it settled, but this baby deserved the tune right from the start. The pellet I use are the HN 8.64 gr domes , which in this rifle produce close to 14 FP. As for accuracy the rifle shoots dead on even free hand something that come in very handy while hunting iguanas. I’ve yet to find an iguana that won’t bite the dust after it gets hit by a 8.64 behind the eye - and these critters grow to over ten pounds not something very rare. My HW95 will take them down at over 50 yards . As for the tune I gave this rifle it was totally my personal preference because it will shoot just great out of the box.
As for the craftsmanship of this gun it’s A#1 , bluing is gorgeous, the Reckord trigger is probably the best you can get in German springer air guns good for field target competitions if that your game. Wood work is very good for the price.
As for pellets mine did not do as well with the cheap crosman premier 7.9s as the RWS 34 does , it prefers JSBs and the HNs something the 34 has going for it.
In conclusion this rifle an exceptionally good shooting rifle and for its price the other more expensive models just take it in esthetics, this 95 is more humble but just as good.
Reviewed by hollandwindpower
03/16/2018 - 11:05:28 AM
HW95.22 cal Excellent Airgun !!!
I purchased my .22 cal HW95 from AOA in July 2016. As of now, March 2018, my gun has over 3500 shots fired through it. At first it was a little "twangy", but that subsided after 500 to 1000 shots. I tried many different pellets to find which ones worked the best. The 10 meter and 25 yard groups started to get consistent and quite good after 1000 to 1500 shots. My gun shoots best with H&N Field Target Trophy 14.66 grain pellets. At first, I shot the 5.53mm pellets with pretty good results. I tried the 5.54mm and 5.55mm diameter pellets and now get one hole groups at 10 meters rested on a towel over a soft sandbag with the 5.55mm pellets. This gun is quite hold sensitive. I tried one test where I firmly held the rifle and shot a 5 shot group. My group at 10 meters was about 1" ctc - atrocious! Then, I fired another group with a very light hold on the rifle as I do for all my group shooting. This yielded a very nice group of one ragged hole. I get consistently best accuracy with the H&N FTT 5.55mm pellets. Almost as good are the RWS Super-H-Point 14.0gr pellets. I have decided to use only the H&Ns, as the ballistic coefficient is double that of the RWS Super-H-Point. JSB pellets are somewhat erratic in my rifle. Sometimes I'll get 4 pellets through one hole, then have one that separates from the group. Crosman Hollowpoint pellets 14.3 grains do not shoot anywhere near the H&Ns or the RWS pellets. Also, I have not had great results with any wadcutter pellet. I've tried RWS Meisterkulgen, JSB Match Jumbos and H&N Target pellets. Round nose pellets are best here. Velocities from various pellets are not far from the Weihrauch advertised values. H&N FTT 14.66gr - 712fps. RWS Super-H-Point - 725fps. JSB Exact Jumbo 15.89gr are a bit slower at 650fps.
I shoot with a Hawke Vantage 4-12x40 AO scope, Sportsmatch two piece rings. This is my first good quality springer and I'm very pleased with it. Buy one and don't look back. This is one beautiful and accurate rifle. You will not regret buying quality. Just be patient trying various pellets. You'll find one that shoots well.
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