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There are two main types of airgun ammunition: pellets and BBs.

Pellets are generally wasp-waisted cylinders made of lead or non-lead alloys and provide the highest accuracy in the rifled barrels of adult precision air rifles and air pistols. Pellets of various calibers are available in flat-nose, round-nose, pointed, and hollow-point configurations.

There are several factors to keep in mind when selecting an airgun caliber:

    Accuracy -- Every airgun will have a particular pellet that it likes and will produce the best accuracy. Having a wide spectrum of pellets increases the odds of finding a pellet that will work well in a particular airgun. If accuracy is the sole concern, .177 offers the greatest variety of pellets, with .22 would be close behind.

    Weight – The lightest pellets (between 4 and 5 grains) available are .177, but it is rare to find a .177 pellet heavier than about 16 grains. By contrast, .25 caliber pellets are available as heavy as 34.9 grains and usually not lighter than 17.7 grains.

  • Speed and trajectory – Shot from the same airgun powerplant, a light pellet will generally fly faster than a heavy pellet. At any given velocity, however, a heavier pellet will carry more energy down range and will usually retain it longer than a light pellet that was launched at the same speed. Because of these considerations, for a really fast, flat trajectory out to, say, 50 yards or so, .177 would be a good choice. But for greater ranges, a bigger caliber with heavier pellets would be more appropriate.

  • Power and impact – Launched at equal velocities, a heavy pellet will typically deliver more foot-pounds of energy to the target than a light pellet. If velocity and accuracy are equal, for greater hitting power, chose the heaviest pellet and largest caliber.

  • Wound ballistics – Bigger pellets produce bigger holes, but smaller diameter pellets often penetrate deeper.

BBs are round balls generally made of steel (although lead BBs are available in some calibers).

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H&N Match Green .177 Pellets
Extremely accurate, lightweight competition and training pellet for...
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H&N Match Pellets
Extremely accurate competition and training pellet.
H&N Rabbit Magnum II Pellets
Very heavy hunting projectile for long ranges. Maximum possible impact and...
H&N Silver Point Pellets
Heavy, accurate hunting pellet for medium ranges.
H&N Spitzkugel Pellets
Medium-weight, very accurate pellet for hunting and precision shooting at...
H&N Sport Pellets
Low-cost training match pellet for ambitious hobby shooters.
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H&N Terminator Pellets
Excellent expansion.
High Arc Hunter .45 Caliber Eland Hollow Point 475 Grain
For Big Bore Airguns in .452 Caliber.
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High Arc Hunter .45 Caliber Hollow Point 230 Grain
For Big Bore Airguns in .45 Caliber.
High Arc Hunter .45 Caliber Hollow Point 365 Grain
For Big Bore Airguns in .45 Caliber.
JSB Exact Beast Pellets .177 | .22
Heavy weight, precision design is perfect for magnum airguns and long range...
JSB Exact Express Pellets .177 | .22
Lighter weight pellet, is ideal for spring piston and lower powered pcp rifles.
JSB Exact Heavy Pellets .177 | .22
Heavy JSB Exact design is ideal for high powered air rifles.
JSB Exact King Heavy MK2 Pellets .25
Best heavy quarter-bore pellet in the airgun industry!
Product is out of stock. Call for availability.
JSB Exact King Heavy Pellets .25
Best heavy quarter-bore pellet in the airgun industry!
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JSB Exact King Pellets .25
Best quarter-bore pellet in the airgun industry!
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JSB Exact Monster Pellets .177 | .22
Heavy weight, precision design is perfect for magnum airguns and long range...
JSB Exact Pellets .177 | .20 | .22 | .30 | .35
#1 Pellet in the airgun industry!