Brocock Bantam Guide

Brocock Bantam Guide

Ultimate Guide to the Bantam by Brocock Ltd

Things have to get greater and bolder... now there's the Bantam, and its got some meat!

- Giles Barry, The Airgun Gear Show

The Bantam represents not only a new design, but a new stage in the evolution of the Brocock company. In a market filling quickly with new and innovative bullpups, designers at Brocock took to their roots. Long ago before bullpups were the trend, Brocock’s name to fame was in its short, compact and slim designs like the Brocock Contour S6 and Brocock Concept S6. So when the market demand insisted on a bullpup, Brocock started from scratch and developed a slim and clean model which they called the Brocock Compatto air rifle. Keeping with traditional feel, they invented a category now called semi-pup or semi-bullpup, where the action is moved back to save length, but held forward enough to give a traditional cheek weld. The cylinder on the Compatto, while great for form and function, is limited in capacity, and restrictive on a high power US model of this size. So we insisted that Brocock look into incorporating a front bottle into the Compatto for added shot capacity, and wouldn't you know it, THEY LISTENED!

We know the factories must love it when the Americans ring them up and tell them things like “ put a bottle on the front of the air rifle ”, like it is a simple thing to do! But Brocock listened and did just that. They took the Compatto back into design mode and fitted it with a front bottle in place of its cylinder.  This lead to having to design and engineer a new fill port, and a new pressure gauge location, and then wouldn't you know it, the action no longer fit into the stock! So off the prototype went to undergo a pricey stock redesign.  All this to meet our markets request to simply “put a bottle on the front”!  But, even the most conservative members of the Brocock team look upon the new Brocock Bantam and know that they have created a game changer in the world airgun market. Arguably the first conventional bullpup (semi-pup actually) with a bottle up front and a magazine indexing system which gently delivers multiple shots.



Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite Soft Touch

Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite Soft Touch .22

Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite with Soft Touch Stock

Let's walk around the new Brocock Bantam and look at the great features. Starting where your hand first grabs, you have a roomy yet contoured grip which fits both left and right handed shooters. The rifle reviewed here has the famed Soft-Touch finish, which is both warm and cool in feel, and supplies a bit of extra grip when you grab ahold of it. An optional Beech wood stock mirrors the shape with a more traditional look. Both come pre-drilled for easy installation of sling studs if you prefer to have them on your rifle.

Brocock Bantam Beech

Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite Beech

Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite Beech Stock

Moving forward, the adjustable 2-stage trigger is positioned perfectly with an ideally curved blade and fitted inside an integral trigger guard for added safety. Speaking of safety, forward of the trigger blade is a toggle switch safety which disables the rifle and prevents accidental firing. The stock is clearly marked for Safe and Fire, ensuring this function is error free.

Brocock Bantam Safety Lever

Moving to the front of the stock, the contoured fore end fits perfectly in your arms and is stable in shape and design for use in a front rest on the bench as well. Overall the balance of the Bantam Hilite is near perfection. Nestled under the stock is the quick fill port, finished cleanly with a magnetic dust cover. On the left side above the trigger is a clearly market nanometer showing the amount of pressure remaining in the Bantam’s carbon fiber bottle.

Brocock Bantam Magnetic Dust Cover

Bantam Magnetic Dust Cover

Brocock Bantam Pressure Gauge

Bantam Pressure Gauge

The rear of the stock sports an adjustable synthetic cheek piece, which actually proves useful after a long period of time because it prevents the stock finish from changing due to the oil in our skin. It also is ambidextrous in shape. Just a few inches back you find the adjustable rubber butt pad which is curved for comfort and improved control. Overall the stock is nicely designed.

The action sports a right hand bolt which is low in effort to cycle and very strong in design. The cocking cycle is smooth and you get a distinct click when you pull the bolt rearward.

Brocock Bantam Ultra-Smooth Cocking Bolt

Ultra-Smooth Cocking Bolt

The magazine is likely the best part of the whole package as it is rugged and smooth to cycle. Brocock was clever in designing the actuator into the center of the magazine, because this means the pellet never has to travel over a lever system. A plus for accuracy while using the magazine!

Brorock Bantam 10-Shot Magazine

Rugged Magazine with Central Actuator Design

In front of the bolt is a wonderful little power adjuster. There are three distinct clicks of High, Medium and Low. We tested each using H&N Baracuda pellets for determining the highest power output on each and the results speak for themselves:

Brocock Bantam Power Adjuster Settings

These features are contained inside a tidy mono-block breech and valve assembly which is finished with an 11mm scope rail. Due to its rear-set design, Brocock includes a cantilever scope rail that moves the entire mounting surface forward 3.25 inches and into perfect alignment with your eye using standard scope mounts like the Sportsmatch HT036C for 30mm scopes or the HT08C for 1-inch scopes.

Brocock Bantam Scope Rail

Bantam Extended Scope Rail

Moving forward you have a 17 inch Lothar-Walther match grade barrel mated solidly into the breech assembly. This strength provides the consistency and durability in the field. The barrel is shrouded for noise control, and US models are finished with a Reflex style carbon fiber moderator which is responsible for bringing the noise down to backyard friendly levels!

Brocock Bantam Reflex Silencer

Carbon Fiber Reflex Moderator comes standard on the US Hi-Lite model

Under the barrel is where the whole design began, with a 480cc carbon fiber bottle capable of delivering 75+ shots at full power in .22. Check out this amazing shot string:

Brocock Bantam .22 Shot String

OK, but what good is consistency and power without accuracy, right? Well, the Brocock Bantam checks that box bold...with a permanent marker! Check out the group at 25 yards:

Brocock Bantam .22 25 Yard Group

and 50 yards too:

Brocock Bantam .22 50 Yard Group

The old saying that big things come in small packages could not be more true. The compact and sporty little Bantam from Brocock is every bit as powerful, consistent, accurate, quiet, and versatile as a full length rifle, but much much smaller, lighter, and easier to handle in the field or on the bench. Need we say more? Well done Brocock, the Bantam is a true winner!

Brorock Bantam Close Up

Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite with Soft Touch Stock

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