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Air Rifles

Air Rifles


Air rifles have a lot to offer:

  • Accuracy – many air rifles deliver sufficient accuracy for plinking, target shooting, hunting and pest control from 10 to 50 yards and beyond. Olympic match air rifles deliver 0.04" center-to-center accuracy at 10 meters; air rifle field target competitors can routinely hit small targets at 50 yards.

  • Low shooting expense -- a tin of 500 high-quality pellets costs a fraction of a similar quantity of firearm ammunition.

  • Quiet -- these subsonic rifles generally offer a neighbor-friendly report.

  • Convenience – air rifles are completely legal to shoot in many areas where firearms are forbidden. You don't have to drive to a shooting range; you can practice in your own backyard or basement. All you need is a pellet trap.

  • High quality -- adult precision air rifles offer all the pride of ownership of any conventional firearm, and the fit, finish, and precision in some models is absolutely spectacular.

  • Power – large caliber air rifles (.25 caliber and up) use larger, heavier projectiles that can deliver sufficient power for taking game as large as coyotes, wild hogs, and deer.

All air rifles operate on the same principle: pressurized gas (usually air, but sometimes CO2) is introduced into the barrel behind a projectile, and the pressurized gas drives the pellet or BB down the barrel and out the muzzle. There are several different air rifle powerplants, and the key differences are the ways in which the pressurized gas is stored and delivered. Each powerplant has its advantages and disadvantages and can meet the needs of different types of shooters.

Check out each of the powerplants below to see the differences:

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SIG Sauer MCX w/ 1-4x24 Scope .177 Flat Dark Earth CO2 Air Rifle
Based on the original designs of the SIG MCX, this CO2 version with 1-4x24...
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SIG Sauer MPX .177 Black CO2 Air Rifle
Matched to original model weight, balance and controls, the SIG MPX ASP...
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SIG Sauer MPX Red Dot .177 Black CO2 Air Rifle
Matched to original model weight, balance and controls, the SIG MPX ASP RED...
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SIG Sauer MPX Red Dot .177 Flat Dark Earth CO2 Air Rifle
Matched to original FDE model weight, balance and controls, the SIG MPX ASP...
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Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle
Loaded with features and performance at a reasonable cost.
Umarex Morph 3X
The Morph 3X has a velocity of 600 FPS as a rifle and 380 FPS as a pistol.
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Umarex Octane Air Rifle
Incorporates both a gas piston and a noise dampener.
Walther Lever Action CO2 Rifle
This traditional Air Rifle holds an 88g CO2 cartridge in rear of stock.
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Walther LGV Competition Ultra .22
Sure to be the benchmark for spring piston sporting and target rifles to come.
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Walther MaximaThor PCP Air Rifle
This German built Walther repeating compressed air rifle does justice to its...
Walther Parrus Wood
German-engineered small game air rifle with a reliable magnum velocity.
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Walther Rotek PCP Air Rifle
Attracts attention from other airgunners who like its unique look and great...
Walther Terrus Wood
With an adjustable match trigger, rubber recoil pad, and automatic safety,...
Winchester M14 Semi Auto Dual Ammo Air Rifle
.177 cal. CO2 Semi-Automatic Dual Ammo BB or Pellet Rifle
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