Daystate Huntsman Regal XL .22 Air Rifle

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL
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The Daystate Huntsman Regal XL combines all the elements of a fine, traditional sporting air rifle in a lightweight, compact design that’s a joy to shoulder, whether you’re out in the hunting field or on the competition range. Classic English styling complements beautifully-carved, Italian-crafted walnut woodwork which cradles a solidly engineered - yet remarkably lightweight - action. Despite its diminutive size, the Regal contains all the features airgun shooters have come to expect from a rifle that carries the famous Daystate logo. Courtesy of its Harper patent slingshot hammer and titan valve system, the Regal is capable of performance levels which have never hitherto been achievable on a mechanically-driven PCP. This results in a much greater shot-count and even more efficient power delivery. Nothing has been left to chance on the Regal, from its fully-shrouded match-grade barrel to its solid breech block, which comes fitted with Daystate’s proven 10-shot rotary magazine. If you prefer not to auto-load, this can instantly be replaced with an optional single-shot tray that allows direct-to-barrel loading. The rifle has been fitted with a pressure gauge to clearly indicate the remaining air status, and re-charging is a quick and easy operation courtesy of the standard snap-fit filling system, neatly concealed behind a pull-off protective cover.

Ultimate Guide to the Huntsman Regal XL:

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL Ultimate Guide


Overall Length
Barrel Length
6.17 lbs
Up To 30 ft/lbs
Scope Rail
5 Years

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Dred
07/11/2017 - 02:32:31 PM
Best 1k PCP
I've shot and own many PCP guns. I picked this one 3 years ago after shooting one. I did not realize how good it was. 3+ years later and there really is not one .22 caliber PCP I would rather own and I have shot many of the newer ones
FX, BSA, Brococks etc.

This one hits every checklist of what someone wants in a PCP gun.
- Weight - its 6 pounds. Great for hunting or Bench
- Looks - You wont find a better walnut stock and it looks like a real rim-fire 22.
- Feel - Its like stepping into a Cadillac from a yugo. Just has that quality feel.
- Accuracy - It just gives you more confidence, going from one PCP to this gives you that ahhh, this puts pellets on pellets without trying.
- Shot count - Normally you have to have a huge bottle to get decent shot counts. This thing shot 73+ shots at 15 yards with no POI change. Usually 50 shots at 40 yards.
- Sound - its whisper quite with built in silencer
- Loves JSB 15.9 and 18s.
- 10 shot magnetic clip is the best out there
- Regulated? Oh the slingshot hammer does not need one. Works better than all the regulated guns I've tried. One less thing to go wrong.

I've done nothing to it in 3 years, not even cleaned it and it shoots the same. 8000+ pellets through it.

If I got a new airgun I would buy the same one or possibly a .25 cal wolverine.
but nothing really outshoots it out to 70 yards.

I've had a few people with Air Arms guns try it and they said "I thought I had the best 1k PCP till I shot the Regal XL.

Every other gun I look at is a step sideways or down. If I want more power I have to get a heavy 10 pound gun with a huge tank that eats air. If I want more shots the same thing. If I want to shoot
04/24/2017 - 08:00:00 PM
The Best of the Best
I just want to thank you for sending me the rifle of my dreams. This one is the nicest rifle I have or will ever own. I wanted a high end rifle that looks the part, shoots the part, and I didn't have to work on to make it that way. Well this one does all the above and does it with grace. I can only afford one and you guys nailed it. I wish I could remember who I talked to on the phone, he said I would be happy with a 22 for what I wanted it for. Well he was right. I could not be happier. taken pest out to 80+ yards in the wind with it. When the wind is calm 100 yards is not out of the question. This thing is spot on, all I have to do is figure the range and the wind correct and the rifle will do it's part.

Thanks again
Jimmy McIntosh
01/04/2017 - 08:51:00 AM
Best High End, High Shot Count AG Ever
Purchased the Daystate Regal XL in .22 Cal. a few months ago, this is one of the best Airguns I have ever shot. It will shoot Dime Sized groups at 50 yards all day long, at 25 yards it is 5 shots in one tiny hole.

Shot Count is 50 with 15.9 grain JSB's filled to 220 bar. With an average of 877 FPS and no POI drop even out to 40 yards. Shoots 15.9 grain JSB and 18.1 grain JSB with Dime size groups out to 50 yards.

Light Weight very balance, it just perfect, you cannot find a better Airgun around.


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