The handsome – and accurate – FX T12 FT – Part I

Monday, April 16, 2012

The FX T12 FT is one handsome bit of goods.

I try not to get emotionally involved with the airguns I am testing. I have learned – the hard way, I might add – that beautiful rifles that make my heart go pitty-pat can also break my cardiac organ when it came down to shooting them. And I’ve seen ugly airguns that suddenly became beautiful based on their performance on the firing line. As the hot-rodders say: “There’s show, and there’s go, and the two don’t always walk hand in hand.” So I try to stay dispassionate when I crack open the box of a new airgun.

The FX T12 FT, however, snuck up on me. When I lift the lid on its carton and slid away the foam insert that cradles it, I said, “Wow, that is one good-looking air rifle!”

The cheek piece is adjustable.

And indeed it is. The T12 stretches 44.75 inches from end to end and weighs just 6.8 lbs. At the extreme aft end of the T12, you’ll find a rubber butt pad that is vertically adjustable. Just loosen a single screw and slide it up and down as needed to achieve an optimal shooting position. Forward of that is a black plastic spacer and, moving forward again, an ambidextrous hardwood stock which features an adjustable cheek piece. All you have to do is loosen a couple of set screwes and slide it to the position you want.


The forestock has checkering on either side.


Moving forward some more, the nearly vertical pistol grip has checkering on either side. Ahead of that is a black metal trigger guard which encloses a black metal trigger that is adjustable for first stage length of pull and second stage weight of pull. A couple of inches forward and underneath the forestock is a single Allen head bolt that secures the action in the stock. The forestock extends forward and has checkering on either side for a secure grip.

Beyond the end of the forestock, the air tube extends another seven inches. There is a pressure gauge at the end of the air tube and a port for a filling probe just behind it. Above the air tube is the .22 caliber Smooth Twist match-grade barrel with built-in moderator.

Moving back along the barrel toward the receiver, there is a gold colored section on the barrel where it fits into the breech block. The bolt probe is also gold colored, as is a spacer between the air tube and the receiver. On top of the receiver, fore and aft of the breech, are dovetails for mounting a scope. The breech is wide enough to allow – with a bit of fiddling – single loading of pellets but is designed primarily to accept the 12-shot self-indexing FX magazine.

The black metal bolt protrudes from the right hand side of the receiver, which is equipped with two slots for locking the bolt in either the forward or aft position. That’s it. The T12 FT is a very smart, efficient-looking air rifle, nicely highlighted with gold accents in a couple of places.

But the most important question is this: does the FX T12 FT shoot as good as it looks? Next time, we’ll find out.

Til then, aim true and shoot straight.

– Jock Elliott


  1. Patti W says:

    I recently purchased the FX-T12.22 caliber airgun. Not only is it a great looking piece of equipment is it totally accurate. Until last weekend I had not had much chance to shoot it.. My first shots at 50 yards with the scope not totally adjusted…and were right in the first ring around the bulls-eye. A day or so later I took out the Lead Sled and set up at my place to zero in the scope. At 27 yards I was shooting in half inch groups in the bulls-eye. I have never owned an airgun as accurate as this one before.

    It shoots much more quietly than my Gamo break barrel and I am delighted at how really snappy it looks. I showed it to a friend and he went down to AOA and took a look at their products the very same day!

    Thanks FX for a great airgun! Patti W

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for your comments.

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