Hatsan Big Bore Carnivore (Part II)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Details on construction and features of the Big Bore Carnivore were discussed in last month’s blog. In this installment I’ll give some impressions and details of my shooting sessions.

The rifle initially had some cocking issues when I received it so I had the opportunity to engage with their technical support staff.  I had heard from other airgunners that Hatsan’s support was quite good and their staff knowledgeable and that was my experience as well.   After some minor tweaking recommendations did not resolve the issue, a color photo of the trigger group was emailed to me.  It showed the factory settings for each of the three trigger adjustment screws and I was able to approximate the settings, which resolved my issue.  A little further tuning from that point got me to a trigger pull just under two pounds — excellent for my purposes.Left angle_markings

The rifle deserved a better scope than the big box store 3×9-32mm unit I  used for this session.  However, results were good and I’m certain more accuracy could have been wrung from this rifle if mother nature had not cut my shooting session short with some nice dust laden gale force winds.  Keep in mind that your rotary magazine sits high when installed and will require extra clearance when mounting a scope.   Speaking of the magazine sitting high, an interesting feature is that the shooter can insert single rounds into the magazine without removing it.

Results with the 95 grain Hunters Supply hollow points averaging a velocity of 653 fps yielded an energy equivalent of slightly over 90 fpe.  The 105 grain flat points launched at an average of 610 fps to yield an energy of 86.83 fpe.  At least two full 6 round magazines could be fired before a top off of the cylinder would be in order.

Three round string at 75 yards

Three round string at 75 yards

Overall, I found the Big Bore Carnivore very pleasurable to shoot.  While it is  a hefty air rifle, it is well balanced and Hatsan includes a sling with the rifle which would make it easier on the shooter taking it afield.  Hatsan’s tagline reads: Serious. Solid. Impact. and what I see coming out of the company is innovative and lives up to that tagline.  I’ll add “Value” to it as the Carnivore in .35 has a retail value of $799.  All Hatsan airguns are warrantied for a period of one year.  Please reach out to the folks at www.airgunsofarizona.com to order one if you are in the market for a big bore air rifle.

My thanks go out to Hunter’s Supply (www.hunters-supply.com) for providing their superb Flat Point and Hollow Point bullets in .356.  I understand they have collaborated with airgun manufacturers to formulate an alloy for their bullets/pellets that has the best Brinell hardness for air propelled projectiles.  Also, I’d like to thank Thompson Targets (www.thompsontarget.com) for their American made quality targets used for this review.

Business end of the Big Bore Carnivore

Business end of the Big Bore Carnivore

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  1. RidgeRunner says:

    Hatsan has been paying close attention to the US market as this air rifle shows. With some trigger time and testing various projectiles, this rifle is an excellent candidate for hunting.


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