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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Hunting Handguns

After several years of hunting with firearms using conventional long guns, I started to drift more towards handguns using them for deer and hog hunting in my native Californian deserts and coastal hills. I like the fact that these guns upped the challenge; shooting a handgun accurately takes a lot more practice and demands that … Continue reading »

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Hunting Packs

When talking about the gear I take out on my hunts, I generally focus on the guns, pellets, or maybe my shooting sticks, but I have a regular kit that I have become accustomed to carrying when heading out for a day in the field. Rather, I have a collection of packs and a variety … Continue reading »

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Where does a mid power .303 fit?

I was down in Tucson for the Etreme Benchrest Competition last week, great event by the way, and had the opportunity to shoot the new FX Boss .303 rifle on Friday before the competition got started. I really enjoyed shooting the gun, finding it exceedingly accurate and atypically for a big bore airgun….. quiet! It Also … Continue reading »

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Pigeons, the number one pest bird!!

The feral pigeon are the number one urban pest bird, though they can also be found in great numbers in the country as well. They exist in every city across the country, and in fact around the world. I’ve traveled throughout Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia, and have seen feral pigeons in each … Continue reading »

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