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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Squirrel Hunting Specialist

A few months back I ordered a Brocock Specialist in .22 caliber, after having the chance to do a jackrabbit and prairie dog shoot with it up in Northern Arizona. We had several guns along with us, including some very expensive high end masterpieces along on the trip, but I kept finding myself with this … Continue reading »

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Crow Hunting

I was thinking about my hunting plans, and what I have to look forward to as the seasons kick in. So far this year I’ve been out several times for rabbits, squirrels, pest birds (pigeons, Eurasian doves and starlings), coyote, and all kinds of game over in SA. I’ll be hitting the small game all … Continue reading »

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Pest Birds!!

Pest Birds! Want the opportunity to do a LOT of shooting? This week I’ll take you along on a dairy farm pigeon shoot! This week I was in Phoenix on business, and was able to take an early morning pest shooting excursion with my hunting buddy Kip Perow of AOA. Early one morning well before daybreak, … Continue reading »

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Out for Squirrel

I got out this morning for a squirrel hunt, and had a great time. Been doing a lot of shooting and testing of guns and pellets since our return from SA a couple weeks ago, but this was my first chance out to hunt. I’ve mentioned in the blog before that this bushytail rodent is … Continue reading »

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