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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Out with the Boss!

I was out a couple times this weekend, getting some practice with my guns before we leave for the Eastern Cape. This weekend I focused on the FX Boss, which is going to be my gun for small game up to predators, and maybe the mini-antelope. As you probably know, this is an upsized version … Continue reading »

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On the Road

Getting Ready for South Africa Were counting down to our departure date for South Africa, there are four of us going on this trip. Kip Perow from AoA and one of their customers by the name of David are joining me, as well as a cameraman. We’re going out to hunt with my good friends … Continue reading »

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Power for Airgun Hunting

One of the common questions discussed/debated amongst airgunners is how much power is optimal for hunting? The short answer in my opinion, is as much as you can get while maintaining the accuracy required for whatever ranges you’ll be shooting at. I’ve read articles with guys saying “12 fpe is all you need” or implying … Continue reading »

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Shooting Positions in the Field, Trip to South Dakota, and Random Notes

I get to shoot and hunt in a lot of different environments and with lots of different people. Sometimes when going to a new area I am being guided, and sometimes I am doing the guiding. I enjoy both, and when I am the one being guided I do what the guide say, take advice … Continue reading »

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