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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Pig, Warthogs, and Critters That Squeal!

Big bore airguns were used as early as the 1700s to take wild boar in Europe. There is extensive documentation on the use of these guns, though they were not widely known and very few huntsman of the day would ever get a chance to use one. They were expensive and complicated to manufacture and … Continue reading »

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Starling SOS (Shoot on Sight)

European starlings are one of those pest species, like brown rats and pigeons that are scattered all over the world displacing indigenous species. Starlings are probably one of the worst, in that they are so aggressive, adaptable, and prolific breeders. I’ve seen them in North America, Australia, South America. And Asia; and everywhere they go … Continue reading »

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Arizona Pest Control: Pigeons, Eurasian Doves and Starlings!

I am writing this pretty well worn down from three days of nonstop pest control with my hunting buddy Scott in Arizona. Scott has several dairy farms lined up, and they want him to do one thing …. remove as many birds as possible.. They number in the thousands, and do huge financial damage to … Continue reading »

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Thoughts on Predator Hunting

I really enjoy speaking with and writing for other airgunners, they get it and you can dig down deep. But one of the other goals that I take a lot of enjoyment in us bringing new participants into our (very cool) sport. Of the four magazines I write for, two of them are mainstream hunting … Continue reading »

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