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Calls for Airgunners: A quick primer

A lot of the techniques used for firearms hunting are directly applicable to airguns as well, and one of my favorite crossover techniques is the use of calls to bring my quarry into range. Several years ago I started carrying mouth blown predator (typically distress) calls in my pack, regardless of what I was after. … Continue reading »

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Wolverine and Bobcat

I’ve just spent the last several days hunting down in Texas, and we had to work around suboptimal conditions. I knew going in that April is not a good time, a lot of predators are already denned up, it was forecasted to be unseasonably warm, vegetation is heavy and even when animals come in to … Continue reading »

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The Wolverine/Huggett: Stealth Predator Gun

I got my new Daystate Wolverine earlier in the week, and with a busy schedule it had to sit for a day or two before I could get it sighted in. I’d had one of the first Wolverines that came into the country to use for a couple hunts, and some range work and plinking … Continue reading »

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Predator Hunting: the Airgunners Grand Slam

Like so many hunters in North America, I spend a lot of time out in the field after predators. Unlike the vast majority, I prefer to go after them with airguns rather than high power center fires. There are practical reasons, airguns can be used in areas where firearms can’t; because they are quieter, lower … Continue reading »

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