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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Air Powered Handguns for Hunting

Back in the days when I did most of my hunting with firearms, and rifles at that, I started looking for some new challenges. I soon settled in on handgun hunting, buying myself a Thompson Contender with a number of barrels in a variety of calibers. That gun was used on everything from prairie dogs … Continue reading »

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Weather Blocked! It’s down to the Basement!

The weather this summer has been undermining my attempts to shoot, torrential rainstorms replete with ground striking lightening, howling winds, everything is soaked …… and the frustrating thing is that I’ve got several guns from Daystate, Hatsan, Gamo, and FX to shoot. On top of the weather, my day job has had me traveling to … Continue reading »

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Air Rifle Stocks

Taking Stock! Whenever I look at a new rifle the stock is one of the main features I hone in on. It doesn’t matter how powerful or the inherently accurate, if the stock is not right I’ll never wring the full potential from the gun. I’ll hold the rifle and look at it while getting … Continue reading »

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Airgun Pigeon Control in South Africa

Returning to South Africa on one of his trips, I brought a mid powered small bore precharged pneumatic air rifles along to get some pigeon shooting in during breaks from hunting plains game. The action was fast and furious and the pigeons just kept on coming! I was out on a friend’s stock (sheep) farm … Continue reading »

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