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airgun ammo

Getting time to hunt??

I was thinking about my airgun hunts this year, those after the Christmas holidays when things start to slow down. There were a few stand outs that I really enjoyed, with a few more to come during the summer before the real season starts back up and my winter hunts kick in. A lot of … Continue reading »

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Airgun Hunting the USA

We have a fairly large community of hunters in the United States, and are favored with a lot of game and plentiful land to hunt on. In addition, there are few restrictions on gun ownership and the price of firearms is fairly low. As a result, airguns have remained relatively unknown here as they have not … Continue reading »

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Sparrows (I think) in China

Several Years ago, almost twenty as I now think back, I was living in Tokyo. I had to make a trip over to China on short notice, and a scheduling error found me with free time and stumbling into a really unique airgunning experience. I wrote this up for my first airgun hunting book, the American Airgunner, and … Continue reading »

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Harder to Justify my Rimfires!

I’m going to share a story that recently caused me a lot of frustration. Since I jotted this in my field log, I have taken every opportunity to build up my supply of .22 rimfire ammo. Over the course of a few months I’ve found occasion (small) supply’s and bought when ever I could. Sometimes … Continue reading »

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Texas Varmint Hunt!

My hunting has been a bit slow over the last couple months, I’ve been traveling a lot for work, doing some family trips (spent this weekend at the Fields Museum in Chicago….love that place!), and thought I jump into my field journal and share a hunt from seasons past. A couple summers back I was invited on … Continue reading »

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Pellet Adjacent Trivia!

I tend to talk about new guns, accessories, scopes, binoculars, shoot sticks, pellets, and hunting techniques. But this week I’m going to take a look at the steps some shooters take with respect to preparing and loading their pellets in order to achieve the best results; sizing, lubing, and seating the pellets in their guns. … Continue reading »

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