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Spring Piston Airguns

The Growth of Airgun Hunting

I was working on an article over the weekend, and was thinking back over my perspective of the growth of airgun hunting in North America. In the 15 years I’ve been back in the States (after almost 20 years abroad), I have seen change. When I came home I thought I was about the only … Continue reading »

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Starling SOS (Shoot on Sight)

European starlings are one of those pest species, like brown rats and pigeons that are scattered all over the world displacing indigenous species. Starlings are probably one of the worst, in that they are so aggressive, adaptable, and prolific breeders. I’ve seen them in North America, Australia, South America. And Asia; and everywhere they go … Continue reading »

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Hunting Tree Squirrels: Part 1

Hunting squirrels is one of my favorite small game species, and while some states have a spring or summer season, in most it ended last January and starts up mid September. I was thinking about my airgunning adventures for the upcoming year, and decided I’m going for the tree squirrel grandslam; fox squirrel in Indiana, … Continue reading »

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Getting Ready for Spring/Summer Airgun Hunts

It’s been a couple of busy months; new job, selling a house, buying another, and getting my family relocated up to the Minneapolis area. I married my wife in South Africa, we moved back to my native California, then up to Indianapolis, now Minneapolis…… her family thinks I’m taking their daughter on a slow march … Continue reading »

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Hunting with Spring Piston Airguns

Hunting Airguns There has been a sustained growth in the North American airgun market over the last several years, which can be attributed to the growing popularity of airguns for small game hunting and pest control. Airguns are used extensively for hunting in many parts of the world, especially in regions where citizens are prohibited … Continue reading »

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