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scope Hawke

Hunting With Springers, a Spring Tradition

You wouldn’t know we’re in to spring based on the weather….. I flew back from an overseas trip this weekend and we had to pass right over Minneapolis because of a major storm, a blizzard actually that dropped about 8″ of snow. I ended up being dropped in Cincinnati,but finally 26 hours after leaving Copenhagen … Continue reading »

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Binoculars and the Airgun Hunter

I had an interesting question put to me recently; If Airgun hunting is a close range shooting application, why do you always talk about taking binoculars as part of your kit? The answer is that there are several reasons, some are general and some are more specific to my aging eyes! The first thing to … Continue reading »

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Airgun Optics

When heading off on an airgun hunt, regardless of the type of game, the type of gun being used, or even the conditions I expect to encounter, my gun will almost¬†always be equipped with a scope. There are several reasons for this; as the acuity of my eyesight diminishes with age a scope helps me … Continue reading »

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Looking Through the Scope…

Most airgun hunters use a scope on their hunting rifles, and there are many choices available. In my earlier days I hunted more with open sites, but as my eyes age, I find a scope very valuable in picking up targets in less than optimal light conditions. Rifle scopes come in a wide range of … Continue reading »

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Squirrel Hunting Specialist

A few months back I ordered a Brocock Specialist in .22 caliber, after having the chance to do a jackrabbit and prairie dog shoot with it up in Northern Arizona. We had several guns along with us, including some very expensive high end masterpieces along on the trip, but I kept finding myself with this … Continue reading »

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Airgun Safari: Photos from the Trip!

Here I was after 30 some hours of travel, back on the Dell farm on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and this place is like a homecoming for me! I’d met up with Kip, David, and Chris in Atlanta, I made it to the plane right before the door closed, and flew with the … Continue reading »

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Scope talk

One of the most important aspects of achieving excellent accuracy out of your hunting gun, is the scope that you set on top of it. While it is of course possible to hunt with open sights, as a matter of fact I grew up hunting this way; a scope will invariably provide better results. Especially … Continue reading »

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