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Made it to South Africa ……but still traveling

Posted by on May 29, 2017

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the blog the last couple of weeks, but it’s been crazy times. Last week we had the prairie dog shoot in South Dakota, which was an absolute blast. Weather was hard on us, but all the guys bagged around 50 dogs per day each, and the whole event was great! The shooting was solid, lots of great airgunners and LOTS of Airguns, and my buddy Brett put on a great weekend for all of us. Breakfast and dinner at the lodge, box lunches brought to us out in the field kept us fed, and we broke up into small groups to work a handful of the 50 towns Brett has access to.

I have an article coming out next month in Airgunner in which I relate some of the details of the hunts and the guns; but I will say here that the Daystate Rengade was my go to gun and it performed flawlessly in the field! A lot of the guys had FX Wildcats, and I have a video out from last year using this bullpup at the same SD ranch……. Another very solid performer! And a start at the even was the Omega compressor supplied to me by AOA. This compressor, simple to use, quiet, reliable, kept all of our CF tanks and guns charged through heavy usage…… We were eating up the air and without this compressor we would have been severely hamstrung!

Now to the title of the blog; I left Minneapolis on Saturday and flew 7.5 hours arriving in Amstrerdam early Sunday morning. I had about an hour to make my away across the airport and jump my plane for Capetown. After 11.5 hours in the air on the second leg, I disembarked at about 9:30pm (still Sunday). This was a great moment for me, I’d been away for almost three years, and as many of you know SA is my second home. My mother in law lives on the coast about 40 minutes away, I hadn’t told her I was going to be in country and I plan to Surprise her with a short visit after my hunt.

All my gear and guns made it, but my gun case looked like it had been pushed out of the plane before it landed. A heavy duty aluminum case caved in at one end, and it took the police and I while to pry things apart. But they (along with a hammer and crowbar) helped me reform the case after inspection. One of the reasons I fly into Capetown rather than Jo’berg is that the SAP force are friendly, helpful, and very professional, and the two officers that were on when I arrived made the entrance a breeze.

I cleared customs after a quick look at my documents, and as it was quiet this time of night, had a chat with one of the custom officers who picked up on my accent. By 10:30 I’d caught a shuttle over to the Cape Verde Hotel which was a 5 minute ride from the airport, and was checking in. I’d slept about 8 hours across my two flights so was in pretty good shape, but I’d been sweating like a dog on a couple of ocassion S during the trip and badly needed a shower and change of cloths. I did this quickly, then ran down to the bar for a really outstanding burger and cold drink, then went to bed and slept a solid 7 hours.

After breakfast, I caught the shuttle back to the airport, where I am now sitting and writting. In a couple of hours I fly up to Port Elizabeth on the Eastern Cape, and my good friend and PH Andrew Myers will meet me for the three hour drive out to Rob Dells farm. The weather is beautiful and I am looking forward to being back in the veldt! If I get in before nightfall, will get my rifles sighted in so we can start hunting in the morning!

We’ll be going after blue wildebeest, kudu, blesbuck, impala, warthog, duiker and a bunch of small game…. So will have a lot of news coming your way and will try to stay in touch!

One Response to Made it to South Africa ……but still traveling

  1. Wyeth Hecht

    Jim have a great trip. And thanks for a great trip in SD

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