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Prairie Dogg’n!

Posted by on May 15, 2017

With spring in full swing, it’s time for my first prairie dog trip of the year!

Prairie dogs are a great carmint hunting species, because they need to be culled to keep healthy populations contained in sustainable areas without wrecking havoc on agricultural land.

I’ve been out in Denver for my sons graduation from grad school, one more kid to go and I’m tuition free! While visiting I’ve been like a hunting dog made to sit and watch a parade of birds ……. there are prairie dogs everywhere! My sons condo is situated overlooking a park, and the number of prairie dogs is mind blowing considering we’re in the middle of a city. Every couple years the numbers get high, the city comes in and poisons them, animal right advocates sue, they get ruled against, and the cycle starts all over. There is no denying the damage they do, when I was flying in you could see vast areas of farms on the approach pockmarked with burrows. You’d see areas of cultivation with a big patch of mounds and dirt juxtaposed. Prairie dogs are a part of the landscape, and they should be protected and maintained in certain areas, but left unchecked they will go out of control quickly. The choices for control are poison, or shooting them, and my preference (for many reasons) is to shoot them!

On my trip out to Denver suburbs where my son lives, there are constantly expanding prairie dog towns popping up in parks, greenbelts, and often times lawns. Every couple of years they poison and bulldoze areas to clears these rodents of. This little town is situated between a freeway, a parking lot, and a busy intersection.

I fly home tonight and have a few days in the office, but then I am loading up and heading out to S. Dakota for a couple of days of prairie dog hunting with a group of airgunners. Theses are guys I’ve had online discussions with, but never met in person, and look forward to a few days of hanging with fellow airgunners…… ones that are as airgun-mad as I am, and will drive a few hundred miles for the sport.

I already started putting my gear together; and have packed an Omega compressor and 5 carbon fiber tanks to keep us aired-up, my Wildcat .25, Renegade .22, Compatto .22, and still have room to select 3-4 other guns, loads of pellets, a portable shooting bench (for sighting in not hunting), along with all my personal gear. I’ll get some shooting in, but will also help Brett Guide some of the guys, and will do a lot of video with the intention of getting something posted by the middle of the following week, before leaving for South Africa.

I’m really looking forward to hunting with these guys, I’m bringing a lot of the gear that I’ve been testing hope to get some other user opinions and feedback. I’m also going to be producing a couple videos for AOA that demonstrate the techniques I use for hunting these varmint: shooting sticks, optics, long range techniques, and the rest of my kit.

After that …………

Three days after returning from South Dakota, I’m off for South Africa for 16 days of non stop airgun hunting: going to try to add to my African game species with a Blue Wildebeest, as well as a lot of repeats on other plains game and small game species. Really looking forward to this trip: it’s my 9th hunt in SA, the 7th with airguns only, but I haven’t been over for three years which is my longest time away since my wife and I got married there over 20 years ago! Besides the hunting I have a lot of good friends that I am looking forward to seeing. Will try to get a couple updates posted along the way!

Hope you’re all off to a good summer, and I’ll be catching up soon with a lot of new guns and hunts!

2 Responses to Prairie Dogg’n!

  1. RidgeRunner


    I am looking forward to hearing how these hunts go and your videos. I wish I could have made the South Dakota trip this year. How did your Virginia turkey hunt go?

  2. Wyeth Hecht

    Wyeth is ready and cant wait to leave.

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