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Rabbit Hunt Texas Style

Posted by on March 18, 2018

Just got back home from a 6 day hunting roadtrip in Texas, which was comprised of a few different hunt for small game, pest/varmints, and predators. On the good side there were a lot of small game and varminting opportunities, on the not so great side the predator hunting was touch. And it was one of those situations that are difficult to work out, with the conditions we had it should have been great! There was a new moon and it was dark, the winds at night were mild, and the temperature was on the cool side for this time of year. But in three nights of calling we had two fox, one bobcat, a skunk, and a couple of raccoons come in. I took the pair of fox, didn’t get a shot at the cat, and gave the coons and a skunk a pass.

Wer also had a tough time at first with rabbits, places that were supposed to have big populations came up empty. Then we found a place with a few, and I thought I had a half dozen on film, but it turned out that the guy operating my camera got the pause and record buttons confused and the only footage I ended up with was of the ground as he walked between shots! In desperation I called my buddy Chacho out in Odessa, and he put me on to a site loaded with rabbits. On my first hunt I grabbed my Brocock Bantam and some JSB Exacts and hit the field.

There was cactus everywhere, which made everything but standing offhand shots difficult.

There were a lot of rabbits here, both cottontails and jackrabbits. At times I’d spot a rabbit laid up in a scrape under a clump of brush, and kick up 4 more rabbits as I stalked in. I really like the Bantam, it is ergonomic and I found I could shoot offhand with it very well. My shots were from 15 to 75 yards, but I only took the longer ones when I could sit and shoot off my knee.

Hiking back in with one of the many rabbits I bagged on this outing. The Bantam in .22 hit hard and dropped the pellets right on target. I did appreciate the high shot count in this setting as well.

I had four guns to hunt with and only wanted a few rabbits so limited my self to 2 hours per gun, and in that time took about a dozen rabbits. I do believe the Brocock rifles I’ve been shooting lately (Compatto and Bantam) offer a great hunting rifle at a much lower price point than I’d expect. If I could only have one PCP hunting rifle, either of these would be high on my list.

On my way to a mixed bag, I focused on jackrabbits at first.

Anyway, I’m back at home now catching up on my video editing and back to work in the morning. I’ll be doing some long weekend trips coming up: back to Texas for hogs, South Dakota for prairie dogs, and maybe Arizona for some Eurasian collared doves. Hope you all have a great week, and back with more next week!

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