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I’m Back!

Posted by on January 25, 2019

Hello Everyone! As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been absent for a couple months now, and just wanted to say I’m back and the blog will be back to regular postings again. The last three months has seen me out of the country quite a bit, but also on a lot of hunting trips when I was back in the states. During this period there were also a half dozen trips to Texas, as well as a couple Midwestern small game and predator hunts, between October and December. There is a lot of content coming your way on small game, pest control, predators, and big game.

Returned from the SHOT Show this morning, after a Redeye flight that had me departing Las Vegas in the middle of the night…….. seems I can’t tell the difference between 12:30 am and 12:30 pm when booking flights…. I did have the chance to join the AoA annual dinner before running off for the airport, which I was very happy about. It’s a great opportunity to meet the movers and shakers from the industry, especially many of my old friends from Daystate (as well as AoA)!

Shane and Marco making sure everything is perfect before the day kicks off.

The show was quite interesting, I don’t typically do a review as there are so many guys providing that content and doing it well. But I do use the time to look at the industry, business and product trends, see whats new in the market, and decide what projects will make the To Do list for the year. Airguns continue to gain market-share in the hunting sector every year, with more exposition real estate being set aside for these products.

Several companies were showing new multi-shot springers, and I’ll be taking a look at several of these in the coming year. One of my earlier pet peeves with these guns is that the feeding systems were big, bulky and looked kluged, but in some of the newer designs its appears as though they are coming up with more streamlined and unobtrusive mechanisms. In general, I am going to do more with springers this year because I still believe these guns have a lot to offer small game hunters.

There was also sustained interest in big bore airguns, and I think much of this is directly related to Texas joining Arizona and Virginia as destination states to hunt where airguns are completely integrated into the regulations. I’ll do a blog post on one of my Texas deer hunts soon.

Claudio was up from Chile and was showing off his baby!

The three Brocock rifles I’ve been using a lot: the Compatto, the Bantam, and the Sniper garnered much interest. I had a chance to see the Claudio Flores (2018 EBR Champion) signature Brocock Bantam, which will be talked about in a later post. Also caught up with Lauren Parsons and discussed the Daystate Red Wolf she’s been shooting lately. Though not my focus, the growing interest in airgun competition globally and in the states is a very positive trend in the sport, and if you look at the people in these pictures, Claudio, Shane, and Lauren, you’ll see that AOA and Daystate have some quality people representing.

Former World Champion Lauren Parsons is shooting for Daystate and working fulltime at AoA as the newest meber of their team.

At any rate, this post is just to say hello, sorry I’ve been away, but we’ll be back in it again from here on out. My post will be on a weekly basis, but for those weeks where I will be out in the field hunting we’ll dig back in the archives and share some historical photos and hunts. I just realized recently that I have over a Tb of images going back 25 years, with a lot of the people that contributed to growing the sport of airgun hunting and the early gear, on display. If there is anything in particular you’d like to have covered, just give a shout and let me know!

2 Responses to I’m Back!

  1. Bruce

    Great to have you back here , Jim! Been checking every few weeks and saw no sign of you and was beginning to wonder what happened. Welcome back!

    • Jim Chapman

      Thanks Bruce….. Bad form for a blogger to disappear, but when hunting season rolls around there just aren’t enough hours in the day! i’m back on track and building up a bit of a buffer so when the field calls I don’t go radio silent! Thanks for staying along for the ride!

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